Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Review of Pacific Rim

Note: See Pacific Rim in 2D. I have heard mixed things about the 3D. Some people have said the 3D is too dark, and others have said it adds to the movie. I hear IMAX is the way to see it if you can though. I'd also like to say, stay during the credits for a bonus scene. At the very end of the credits there's also one last bit of audio.

I have always been very curious about Pacific Rim, ever since I heard about it last year. As the film got closer I got even more curious. So, of course, when the film came out, I went out to the cinema to check it out. It turns out, Pacific Rim is the definition of an awesome Summer Movie Escapism.

Pacific Rim is basically about a war that has been going on for years between humans and monstrous aliens, who have been named, Kaiju. In order to defeat Kaiju, the humans develop massive robots called Jaegers. This robot is controlled by two humans, who control the Jaegers movement. After all of this is explained, Raleigh (Charlie Hunnam) is introduced. He is a former Jaeger pilot who is called back to work by Stacker Penecost (Idris Elba). Raliegh teams up with a new rookie Jaeger pilot (Rinko Kikuchi), in hopes to end the Kaiju attacks for good.

The story of the film was very interesting. The whole movie was mostly enjoyable. Some of the subplots were a little boring but as the movie progressed I got more intrigued by the different stories and by the end of the movie you actually start feeling for the characters. So by the end of the film, Pacific Rim was actually an emotional story. So even if there are a few slow parts in Pacific Rim, all of the super epic action sequences make up for it.

The cast of Pacific Rim only did an OK job. The cast included Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Idris Elba, Charlie Day, and even Ron Perlman, among others. Even though most of the performances in the movie weren't really that great, I can say that Idris Elba gave the best performance. He was actually REALLY GOOD compared to everyone else in the film. My favorite cheesy line of his from the movie was: "Today we are CANCELLING the Apocalypse!"

By far the best part of Pacific Rim was the action scenes and the wickedly cool visual effects. They were both stellar. Pacific Rim had some of the best action scenes/visual effects I have ever seen. Director Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy & Pan's Labyrinth) did a wonderful job with them. I should add that most of the actions scenes were actually up-close. One of my favorite scenes in the movie (and maybe even of the year) involved a Jaeger hitting a Kaiju with a boat the size of the Titanic. It was so cool!

I don't really have any major complaints about the film besides what I already mentioned. I will say that I thought at times it was a little hard to see who was winning the fights because the action was so fast and up-close. But most of the time this wasn't a big issue.

Overall, Pacific Rim is a movie that knows what it wants to be, and it's definitely one of the most entertaining, original, emotional, and PURE FUN Sci-Fi movies of this Summer so far, with some absolutely incredible action sequences. It's the textbook definition of Summer fun. I just strongly warn you not to go in to the film expecting great acting and a great script. Go in expecting a GREAT Monsters vs. Robots movie. I would definitely take any kid that can handle some mildly scary parts to SEE THIS MOVIE. It will most likely become there favorite movie, and maybe even change there life, movie wise. Because when I got out of the movie I heard several kids saying it was there new favorite movie. I have a feeling Pacific Rim will definitely be a movie that's looked back upon by many people for years to come, because it's definitely a very memorable film.

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5

I'd also like to mention this movie holds the record, in my book, for "Most Times Raining" in one single movie. Because I swear during every action scene it was raining. But it just adds effect to the whole film. The great soundtrack to Pacific Rim also adds to the film. It makes the action scenes all the more epic and unique. 


  1. Can't say I expected too much from this movie and thankfully, that's why I came out happier than usual. Nice review Connor.