Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Best and Worst Movies of 2012 (So Far)

Well guys it's the middle of the year!! And there have been some great movies and also some pretty bad ones!! Here's my Mid-Year Report!!

Best Movies of the Year So Far-

5. "The Amazing Spider-Man"- Although at first I wasn't really loving it! After a second viewing that kind of changed! Very well done movie and I think it was very well casted!!

4. "The Hunger Games"- Loved the books and I think the movie really lived up to them!! Everyone was perfectly casted and I think the movie was just great!

3. "Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope"- This Documentary not a lot of people saw and you DEFINITELY SHOULD because its one of my favorites. It's my dream to someday go to Comic-Con and this made me want to go even more!! Just a very good Documentary!! Everyone should see it! It's available On-Demand right now!

2. "Prometheus"- I think the movie lived up to ALL the hype!! Everything was great. The running time was pretty long, and it didn't even feel like an hour had gone by, by the time it was done. It just pulls you in! LOVED it!!

1. "The Avengers"- I really loved everything about this movie!! Their's nothing else to say except it's the Best Movie So Far this Year!!!!!

Honorable Mentions-

- "Snow White & the Huntsman"- Great movie with a great cast and great special effects!!

- "Chronicle"- A Great Found Footage Film that had a lot of great performances in it!!

You can check out my Full Reviews for all the movies above right on this blog!!

Worst of the Year So Far (In no specific order)-

- "Red Tails"- Probably the WORST movie of the year so far! Everything was BAD. The Tuskegee Airmen deserve a MUCH better film!!

- "John Carter"- Over budgeted and just plain boring!!

- "Mirror Mirror"- Just embarrassing to watch! Go see "Snow White & the Huntsman" instead!!

-  "A Thousand Words"- This Awful movie came right after Eddie Murphy's AWESOME comeback with "Tower Heist", its a shame..

- "Wrath of the Titans"- Better then the first movie, but still NOT Good!!

Biggest Disappointment-  "Madagascar 3" - Just read my full review. Overall I really just didn't enjoy it! It doesn't belong on the Worst of... list but it is a big disappointment!!

Well there's the Breakdown!! The Best of... list will most likely change on July 20th when "The Dark Knight Rises" comes out though (*knock on wood*). But that wouldnt be Mid Year... So I won't change it! I will however,  have my review up for the movie right on that day so you will be able to find out if I thought it was Best of the Year Worthy!!!

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