Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Review of The Amazing Spider-Man

I was highly anticipating "The Amazing Spider-Man" although I thought it was way to soon to reboot this successful franchise, I was really hoping it would be just as great as "The Avengers". It sadly was not as good! The movie fell a tiny bit short of my expectations and I probably had them set to high because of how amazing "The Avengers" was. But the movie is definitely still an enjoyable reboot, and a pretty good movie!

The story of the movie is as usual pretty simple and somewhat similar to the last movies. The main difference between them is this one focuses more on Peter's Childhood. Unlike the other films, in which it hardly ever comes up.

One thing I really loved about this movie was the BRAND NEW cast!! They all did a wonderful job and I think the characters were all casted a lot better then they were in the previous Spider-Man movies. The cast in this movie includes Andrew Garfield ("The Social Network"), who plays Peter Parker and Emma Stone ("The Help"), who plays Gwen Stacey. They both did FANTASTIC. I really liked the AWESOME on screen chemistry between them both. They just seemed like the perfect pair! It may have helped that they are actually dating in real life!! Some other people in the cast include Rhys Ifans, Sally Field, Martin Sheen, and Denis Leary.

Also the special effects and the action scenes in this movie were great. Although some are a bit "cartoonish". I did see this movie in 3D and I would actually recommend seeing it in 3D. I never usually like 3D but I wanted to give this one a shot, and it was worth it! In some scenes you actually feel like Spider-Man flying through the air. So it really adds something to the movie!! Also in this movie, there is probably the BEST Stan Lee cameo I have seen yet! So watch out for it!

Now onto the problems, the main problem with this movie is that theirs not really any suspense! I was never really on the edge of my seat, nor were there any REALLY shocking moments. I think they could have made it a bit more surprising and a bit more suspenseful. Although there was maybe like one or two suprises, but I didn't think that was enough.

Another problem for me with this film was the running time! Its over 2 Hours and 16 Minutes, and I'll admit, this movie is a bit slow moving! So it did feel pretty long while I was in the theater.

Overall "The Amazing Spider-Man" is a pretty good movie, I wish it would have been better though! Even though I think it's too soon for a reboot, this installment will probably be a Box Office hit!! I just hope "The Dark Knight Rises", coming out later this month, will be a lot better!! But don't get me wrong, I still REALLY liked the movie!

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5

I will definitely be going to see this movie again in theaters to see if maybe I will like it more even more a second time around!!

And REMEMBER, as always, to stay for the end credits! Its a Marvel movie! And the ending credits scene is pretty great!!

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