Saturday, September 8, 2012

FilmFanMan Movie Reviews Has Recieved The Liebster Award!!

Thanks so much to for honoring my blog with the Liebster Blog Award! I'm so honored and excited!

When you receive a Liebster, there are a couple of steps to follow:
1-The person receiving the award must write eleven things about he/she/them.
2-Answer the eleven questions from the award givers.
3-Create eleven questions for those receiving the award.
4-Make your selection for the next award recipients.
5-Announce the next line of winners.
Eleven Things about Myself!
1. I am a DIE HARD Arrested Development fan! It's my All-Time favorite show, and I can't wait for it's return next year!
2. I think Tim Burton is a Genius!
3. I actually don't like to eat anything while I watch movies.
4. I love Entertainment Weekly Magazine!
5. I'm addicted to Strawberry Applesauce.

6. I wish I was Batman, because I love Batman!
7, My favorite movie is "The Dark Knight".
8. I think Mindy Kaling is Amazing!
9. My dream is to go to Comic-Con and the TIFF (Toronto Internationl Film Festival).
10. I love movies, and I alway's have!
11. If there was going to be a Biopic about me I'd want Joesph Gordon-Levitt to play me!
12. I love Harry Potter & Green Day  (Sorry, couldn't leave that stuff out).

Eleven Questions from Karin (

What’s your favorite film?- "The Dark Knight", A Christopher Nolan Masterpiece, that I just love everything about! "The Dark Knight Rises" was good as well, but not as good!

What’s your “secret guilty pleasure” movie?- "Fired Up!, yes in a way it's not a very good movie, but there's something about it that I liked!

Is there a movie that changed your life? If so, how?- Wow there's lots.."The Truman Show", "Dead Poets Society", "The Matrix", and "Inception". They all changed my life in different ways! Like "The Matrix" gave me a different view on Sci-Fi, and "The Truman Show" was just so original and so amazing!

What movie do you consider to be underrated?- "The Mist", actually a really frightening movie! And one of the most memorable ending's in Film History.

Who’s your favorite actor?- Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Joesph Gordon-Levitt, Leonardo Dicaprio, Michael Cera, Health Ledger, and Tom Hanks. As for a Comedic Actor, I'd have to say Seth Rogen.

Who’s your favorite actress?- Emma Stone, and Anne Hathaway

Favorite director?- Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton

Who, in your opinion, is the most underrated actor/actress?- Ned Beatty

Which movie do you think is the worst movie ever made?- "The Titanic: The Legend Goes On", wow.. that's all I have to say for that
What sequel to a big blockbuster film do you consider the worst sequel?- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, complete trash.

Which superhero in a movie would you date and why?- Anne Hathaway as Catwoman from "The Dark Knight Rises", I just loved her in the role and it seems like it would be a good match! hahaha

I Give The Award To...(Sorry, I don't have 11 Blogs to pass the Award on too!)
Cinemophile (Even though she gave me the award!)
Questions for the Winners!
1. What's your Favorite Movie?
2. What's your Favorite Director?
3. What's your Favorite Superhero Movie?
4. If you could have one person play you in a Biopic, who would that person be?
5. Who's your Favorite Actor/Actress?
6. What's your Favorite TV Show?
7. What movie changed your Life?
8. What movie is your "Guilty Pleasure"?
9. What's your Favorite Movie Genre?
10. What's your Favorite Movie Sequel?
11. What's your Most Anticapated Movie of 2013?
Thanks again to Karin from, I'm so glad I was awarded! Follow her on Twitter: @DANGER_karin


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