Saturday, September 1, 2012

The FilmFanMan Summer 2012 Movie Awards!

Well Summer is officially coming to close, and we've had some great movie and some really bad ones! So Here's my the breakdown! Some categories may be missing because I haven't seen enough of the category or haven't come to a conclusion yet. So some more categories might be added in a month or two, when I get to see some more movies!

Best Sci-Fi Movie- "Prometheus", Really loved this movie! Another amazing Ridley Scott movie! Plus Great performances and action!

Best Performance- Charlize Theron from "Snow White & the Huntsman, incredible performance! She was just pure EVIL, unlike Julia Roberts from the awful "Mirror Mirror"

Summer 2012 MVP's- Joesph Gordon-Levitt and Charlize Theron, He was in the "The Dark Knight Rises", which was obviously great and "Premium Rush", which was an OK action movie! Next up he's going to be in "Looper" and "Lincoln", both I'm really looking forward too! As for Charlize Theron, she was in two of my favorites of the Summer ("Snow White", and "Prometheus"), and she gave two amazing performances in both those films! I'd say they both deserve to be the Summer MVP's!!

Best Hero- Batman from "The Dark Knight Rises", need I explain?

Best Villain- Bane from "The Dark Knight Rises", makes a really creepy and pretty weird Villain!! But  he made the movie even better then it already was!!

Best Action Movie- "Marvel's The Avengers", what can say..."The Avengers" is a brilliant Superhero movie done by one of my favorite director's, Joss Whedon. I really had no nitpicks for this movie, and it's my favorite of the Summer!

Honorable Mentions for the Action Category- "The Dark Knight Rises", and "Snow White & the Huntsman

Best 3D- "The Amazing Spider-Man", the 3D really added something to this film! The movie alone was also pretty good!

Biggest Disappointment- "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted", really liked the first film and the second one was pretty good! However, this third installment, I really didn't enjoy at all!

BEST MOVIE- "Marvel's The Avengers", like I said earlier, just a truly amazing movie that I loved so much and I have really nothing bad to say about! If you haven't seen this yet, YOU MUST.

Honorable Mention for BEST MOVIE- "The Dark Knight Rises", honestly so close to being as good as "The Avengers", truly loved this film as well. Just incredible! It was so hard to decide whether this or "The Avengers" was better. But I think "The Avengers" was just a tad better.

This Summer, overall, was actually a pretty good Summer for movies! You can check out my reviews for ALL the movies above, right here on my blog!!

Categories that will be added in the future- Best Drama, Best Animated Film, Best Comedy, and Worst Movie.

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