Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Review of Wreck-It Ralph

When I saw the first trailer for "Wreck-It Ralph", I thought it looked like a really fun movie, even though I'm not a huge gamer. So, of course, I decided to go see it! And I really had a fun time at the movies!

The movie is about Ralph (John C. Reilly) who is tired of being the villain and wants be a hero like Fix-It Felix (Jack McBrayer), so in order to become a hero he takes matters into his own hands and sets off game-jumping across the arcade. On his quest, he meets the very tough, Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch) from the first-person action game "Hero's Duty". But it's the misfit Vanellope von Schweetz  (Sarah Silverman) from the candy themed cart racing game, "Sugar Rush", whose world is threatened when Ralph accidentally unleashes a deadly enemy from another game, this threatens the entire arcade. So now its up to Ralph to save the day and become the hero!

The story in this movie is very clever, colorful, and fun! I must say just the movie alone is just very original. I never even thought of having a movie where all these awesome video game characters come together! So I was pretty excited to see this movie come out, and end up being a really good movie!

The one tiny problem I had with the script though was that some of the characters that were suppose to be likable, kind of weren't. Like Vanellope, who was voiced by Sarah Silverman, at times I really didn't care what happened to her because I just didn't know enough about her, and she was just annoying. I'm not saying Sarah Silverman was bad at voice acting, because she fit the role perfectly, I'm just saying the script made her seem kind of unlikeable. But that obviously didn't ruin the movie for me, and by the end, I did start to like her a little more!

The voice cast in this movie was really great! Jane Lynch really fit the role of playing the tough Sergeant Calhoun. I don't think they could have cast anyone better then her for that role. I would have say my favorite voice cast member though was Jack McBrayer as Felix! He was pretty funny and like Jane Lynch, his voice really fit his role. You also have Alan Tudyk as King Candy, Mindy Kaling as Taffyta, and Ed O'Neill as Mr. Litwak! All three are great voices in the movie, and the whole voice cast does a great job!

I should also mention this movie is FILLED with AWESOME video game references, some that really made the movie for me! There's also a lot of video game character cameos. Like Sonic the Hedgehog, Bowser, Pac-Man, and Q-Bert! Even though there not main characters, and there only in the movie for at least five minutes. It was still really cool to see them, and like I said earlier, it almost made the movie for me. It's also kind of cool to see the brand new games clash with the old school games!

Besides sometimes not liking all the characters, I do have two other small complaints. The first one is that a lot of the jokes in "Wreck-It Ralph" do fall flat. However, there revived by the video game references and I did laugh at some of the scenes, just not as many as I wanted too. Also I wish they would have explored more of the arcade games. Rather then just, "Sugar Rush", "Hero's Duty", and "Fix-It-Felix Jr.". The whole movie mainly took place in "Sugar Rush" though, so it would have been cool to see a few more games!

Lastly, I must say "Wreck-It Ralph" actually has a really suprising ending, that I didn't really see coming, and then they end the movie with a great closing sequence, that I also loved!

But Overall, "Wreck-It Ralph" is certainly one of my favorite Animated Films of the year! And you do NOT have to be a video game fan to love the movie. It's just PURE fun for really anyone! Kids will love the colorful adventure, and older teens/adults will love the old video game references and will probably find this movie very entertaining and nostalgic!

Verdict: A STRONG, 4 out of 5

Before the movie they play a new short called, "Paperman", I gotta say, I really enjoyed it! It was VERY intriguing. It's very likely it will get an Oscar nomination! So make sure you don't get to the movie late, so your able to see the short!

(And now begins the month of November, in other word's a month filled with SO MANY MOVIES, THAT ALL LOOK SO GOOD!)

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