Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Review of Man of Steel

Note: I saw this film in 2D, so I can tell you if I liked or didn't like the 3D. But I have heard from different people that the 3D is not good because it was converted. So if I were you I would see it in 2D like I did. This is a Spoiler-Free Review.

Man of Steel was my most anticipated movie of the Summer. Mainly, because I have been wanting to see a REALLY good Superman movie for a long time. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed "Superman Returns", I just didn't love it. When I found out Zach Snyder (Director of 300 and Watchmen) would be directing Man of Steel and Christopher Nolan (Director of the Batman trilogy) was producing it, I got even more excited. I am a big fan of Christopher Nolan and occasionally a fan of Zach Snyder. I knew the movie would have lots of potential as long as Zach Snyder wasn't writing it, and he didn't, David S. Goyer wrote the screenplay, and I must say he did a great job. I can say that, Man of Steel is yet another great Summer movie, and a Superman movie I have been waiting for a long time to see.

Man of Steel begins on the Planet Krypton, where Jor-El, (Russell Crowe) and his wife are preparing to launch there newly born son, Kal-El to Earth. He is sent to Earth because Krypton is getting taken over by General Zod (Michael Shannon). Kal-El's spaceship lands on a farm in Kansas, it's the Kent's (Diane Lane and Kevin Costner), who find Kal-El and raise him as there own, they name him Clark Kent (Henry Cavill).  After this, the film follows Clark Kent through life and hiding his superpowers from everybody until one day General Zod shows up. He then must becoms Superman to try and defeat General Zod and save the city!

The story of the movie was very good and interesting. I have noticed people complaining that it's not as humorous as other superhero movies that have recently come out, like Iron Man 3. This movie didn't need humor and I thought it was great just how it was. Not every superhero movie needs comedy, and this is one that didn't.

The acting was unbelievably good in Man of Steel, the movie was littered with good performances. Henry Cavill played Superman/Clark Kent very well. Amy Adams made a good Lois Lane, although at times I didn't think her and Clark/Superman had very good chemistry. Russell Crowe did an amazing job as Jor-El, Superman's real father. Michael Shannon made a good villain. Even Laurence Fishburne gave a good performance as Perry White . I think the best performance in the movie came from Kevin Costner though, he played Jonathon Kent, Superman's human father. I think he gave his best performance in years. Diane Lane, who played his wife in the film, also gave a great performance. As you can see, I don't really have anything bad to say about the cast.

The action scenes in Man of Steel were really good, and there are plenty of them! A lot of the movie is mainly just action scenes. I must say I really enjoyed these scenes, although at times it got to be a little much. Because as much as I loved all the action, I also loved the scenes just as much where it was just following Clark's journey through life, trying to be human. My favorite scenes, in the whole movie, were the ones between Clark Kent and Jonathon Kent, emotionally, they were well done scenes. I also really enjoyed the very beginning scene of the movie that took place on Krypton. It was really cool to watch.

I must add that Hans Zimmer's score for Man of Steel was absolutely astounding. As you probably know, Hans Zimmer also did the score for the Batman trilogy. His score for Man of Steel just makes the movie, all the more epic. During the emotional scenes, and during the action scenes his score just works brilliantly for the film.

If I had one major complaint for Man of Steel, it would be the product placement, which at times, got really annoying and distracted me from the movie. One of the main action scenes in the movie take place at 7-Eleven, Sears, and IHOP. I understand they have to fund the movie somehow, but like I said, the product placement just completely distracted me from the movie.

Overall, Man of Steel had a clever ending, and was a very entertaining, emotional, and fun superhero film. You know it's a great film when the movie is almost two and a half hours long and you are never bored during the movie. The time just flew by (Pun intended) while I was watching Man of Steel. I actually liked it more than Iron Man 3 and it was very refreshing to see Superman on screen again, especially in a particularly awesome fashion. Yet again, my favorite movie of Summer 2013 so far changes...(To Man of Steel)

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5
I would be very happy to see a sequel to Man of Steel, based on how good this film was. Also with the way the movie ended, they definitely left room for another movie. 

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