Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globe Suprises

The Golden Globes are now over and the winners have been chosen. I went 6 and 3 for my predictions at this years awards here are some of the big suprises

1. Meryl Streep winning Best Actress Drama over Viola Davis in The Iron Lady. Never would have seen it coming. Definetly the biggest suprise of the Golden Globes.

2. Martin Scorsese winning Best Director. I thought this would go to the director of The Artist but turns out not. I was pretty shocked by this one I honestly didnt think he stood a chance

3. Tintin winning Best Animated movie. I Thought it was going to Rango but im glad it went to Tintin instead because I wasnt a big fan of Rango and I really enjoyed Tintin.

4. Lasty Best Screenplay going too Woody Allen for Midnight in Paris, I thought It would go to Alexander Payne for The Descendants.

Overall this years Golden Globes had some good and bad suprises and now
Im excited to see who wins Best Picture at the Oscars. Right now its The Artist vs. The Descendants

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