Sunday, May 20, 2012

Box Office Report: The Avengers beats Battleship and The Dictator with 55.1M!!

We now know that even three wide new releases can not stop The Avengers! The Avengers once again came in first with $55.1M. Dropping 47 percent from last weekend. But more importantly it beat out three movies that were suppose to do really well, and none of them did great, because of The Avengers.

Battleship- Opened with $25.3M. Which I would call very dissapointing do to the fact that it has a 200 Million dollar budget and that it was predicted to open with $40M.

The Dictator- Opened with a decent $17.4M, the five day tally was $24.5M (The movie opened on Wednesday) . But it was still a huge setback for Sacha Baron Cohen because Borat and Bruno both debuted to $26.5M and $30.6M.

What to Expect When You're Expecting- Opened with a poor $10.5M. I thought this movie would at least open ahead of The Dictator with about $20M, because of it's all star cast. But I couldn't have been more wrong!

1. The Avengers — $55.1 mil
2. Battleship — $25.3 mil
3. The Dictator — $17.4 mil
4. Dark Shadows — $12.8 mil
5. What to Expect When You’re Expecting — $10.5 mil

I do believe that next weekend The Avengers probably will get beat by Men in Black 3 (which will probably open to about $80M), but The Avengers should still make a decent amount of money at the Box Office!


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