Friday, June 15, 2012

My Review of Rock of Ages

"Rock of Ages"  is based on the very popular Broadway Musical and was one of my most anticapated movies of this Summer, mainly because of the fantastic soundtrack. But when I saw the reviews, I was upset! But after seeing it for myself, I can say I had a really fun time at the movies.

"Rock of Ages" has a very hard plot to explain! But basically it's about lots of different peoples views on Rock & Roll. Some LOVE it and some HATE it!

The movie has a great cast! That includes Julianne Hough (from this Year's Remake of "Footloose"), Paul Giamatti, Russell Brand, Bryan Cranstan, Alec Baldwin, etc.. Yes the cast is that good! But my favorite performance was from Tom Cruise, who played Stacie Jaxx, and I must say he played him brilliantly! And also Catherine Zeta-Jones, who played the "Mayors Wife", did a wonderful job and her song in the movie was my favorite of them all. So overall I was VERY happy with the cast.

I also really loved the music!! But really, who wouldn't! Some music in the movie includes Journey, Twisted Sister, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Poison, and WAY more! So the music is worth the ticket price alone!! And I can guarantee, it will probably be stuck in your head for Days.

However, "Rock of Ages" was a little overlong! It clocks in at over 2 Hours and 3 Minutes, which was a bit long for me. But by the end, I was still interested. And at times, the movie did get a bit silly and a bit campy, but that was all part of the fun!! I also didn't like that some parts of the film didn't look like they were from 1987, the year in which the movie takes place.

But Overall "Rock of Ages" is "Nothing but a Good Time" at the movies. It is definitely not a masterpiece. But if you like the cast or like any of the music that is in this movie. You will probably really enjoy the film! I would recommended you see it in theaters.

Verdict: 4 out of 5 

I will also say I'm very suprised that this movie got a PG-13 rating! It has a LOT of R rated content. So that's just a fair warning for someone who may be taking little kids!

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