Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall 2012 Movie Preview

Well Summer is officially over! But now were moving into Fall! Here are 15 Fall Movies that I'm Highly Anticapating! They are in no specific order!

"Argo"- Can't wait to see Ben Affleck's next film with him behind the  Director's Seat!

"Cloud Atlas"- Looks like a great movie with great visuals and good ideas.

"Django Unchained"- Has lots of potential to be an EPIC movie! And probably will end up being one!

"Les Miserables"- Looking forward to seeing the amazing cast unleashed on good material like this!

"Lincoln"- The only major Fall release without a trailer! But I still think it has lots of potential! And the poster of Daniel Day Lewis looks great! So it should be good!

"Life of Pi"- Really impressed by the trailer, and the movie looks like it will be visually STUNNING!

"Silver Linings Playbook"- Looks like a good movie and potentially a good comedy!

"Zero Dark Thirty"- Looks VERY interesting and I definitely want to see it..thats all I have to say about that one.

"This is 40"- HUGE Judd Apatow fan, can't wait for this movie!

"Skyfall"- Loved "Casino Royale" but wasn't a fan of "Quantom of Solace". But honestly "Skyfall" looks great and could possibly be as good as "Casino Royale"! So fingers crossed

"Looper"- Been loving Joesph Gordon-Levitt this whole year and this movie looks like it could be a great action movie! So I can't wait!

"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"- This is probably My Most Anticapated Movie of the Fall. I'm a huge "Lord of the Rings" fan and this just looks amazing!!

"The Perks of Being a Wallflower"- I love Emma Watson and this movie looks really good. Simply Can't Wait!!!

"The Master"- Paul Thomas Anderson is a WONDERFUL Director, and I can't wait to see this follow up to "There Will Be Blood", which was a great movie!

"The Impossible"- Looks like a sad, but wonderful True Story. Can't wait to see it!

Honorable Mentions: "Flight", "Jack Reacher", "Trouble with the Curve", "Taken 2", "Killing Them Softly", "Frankenweenie", "Seven Psychopaths", and "Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt 2".

Well that's it guys! Lets just hope all of those movies above turn out GREAT!

Check out the video below, its the Ultimate Summer Movie Trailer from Screen Rant. Now that were past Summer I like to think of it as a Tribute to the Summer Movies of 2012, so check it out!

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