Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Review of Taken 2

I am a pretty big fan of the first "Taken" movie, and when I found out they were going to do a second film, I thought it would be pretty cool! But then I thought about it and wondered what would they be doing in a 2nd movie! Well, they definitely found a way to pull it off. But not in a good way, and too bad the movie is no where near as good as its predecessor.

Unlike in the first film, it's Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson), and his wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) that get Taken! They get taken by the father of a kidnapper Mills killed while rescuing his daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace),  in the first movie. Now its up to Kim, who avoids captivity in this film,  to rescue her mother and father from the bad guys, and I must say she is a worthy opponent.

There's two problems with the story. One, it's the exact same plot as the first one (The only difference is in the first movie, they pulled the plot off, and made the movie great), and two, the plot go's absolutely no where throughout the movie and is very absurd! Therefore, I really didn't like the story, and after thinking about it a little, there really isn't a story. Along with that, they rely on flashbacks for all of the movies character development.

The performances in this movie are OK, but nothing amazing! Although Liam Neeson gives a pretty kick-butt performance (As he always does)! The rest of the cast, like I said earlier though, is just OK!

Also "Taken 2" has virtually no surprises or thrills, and that's what I really liked about the first one! But, like I said previously, this is basically the same movie as "Taken" and they did everything the same! Which upsets me..because "Taken" had lots of great surprises and thrills and I really wanted this one to be the same! But it wasn't.

My last complaint is that the dialogue in "Taken 2" is just completely awful! I think I could have wrote a way better script! The dialogue was so bad at some points that the stuff they were saying didn't even make since!

I will say the one thing I liked about "Taken 2" was the action sequences. I didn't like a lot about this film, however I still liked all of the action scenes! And was entertained and never really bored! But that wasn't enough to save the movie! But I guess I can say "Taken 2" is good if your looking for a fun action movie!

Overall "Taken 2" is a huge disappointment and I would honestly just skip the movie, unless you want to watch a mindless action movie. In that case you may enjoy it! If not, just watch the first film! The problem with "Taken 2", is the movie was never meant to have a sequel. They did it, but they did not succeed. I will say, if they make a "Taken 3" I will not be seeing it at all. Simply, because I can think of a single thing they would do in it!

Verdict: 2 out of 5

"Taken 2" is going through the same thing "The Hangover: Part II" went through last year, meaning the sequel is the exact same movie as its predecessor, and a lot worse then is predecessor.

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