Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Review of Snow White & the Huntsman

Going into "Snow White & the Huntsman" all I was really hoping was that it would be better then "Mirror Mirror", and I will tell you it definitely is! It is also one of the biggest surprises of this year so far!!

The movie follows Snow White running from the Evil Queen alongside a Huntsman. It's a pretty easy story to follow and it works! Although on some levels it did lack story.

The cast in this movie is in one word amazing. I thought everyone did a great job ESPECIALLY Charlize Theron, who plays who plays the Evil Queen and plays her brilliantly!  You also have Chris Hemsworth, who plays the Huntsman and Kristin Stewart, who plays Snow White, they both do a pretty good job. I did like Kristin Stewart better in this movie then in the last "Twilight" movie, but I still think she could do a lot better. But overall the cast did a great job!

Another thing that really stood out in this movie were the costumes. They were all done amazingly and I think the costume designer has got yet another Oscar heading her way because the costumes alone are worth seeing the movie for!

I also really loved some of the new twists to the story that we have all never heard before, I thought that was a really cool touch to the movie. I should warn you though, this story is a pretty CREEPY one.

The one tiny thing I would have changed was the running time, which was Two Hours and Seven Minutes, which felt pretty long, but it didn't bug me that much.

Also remember the movie is definitely not all action, like it looks from the trailer. So don't go in expecting it to be action packed, it does have quite a bit of action, but not a ton. It all leads up to the final climatic battle, which is really awesome. Many of the action scenes are really cool! And so are the special effects.

Overall "Snow White & the Huntsman" was a pretty entertaining and enjoyable movie. I don't really know why the critics didn't like it! I would say go see this one in theaters! It has a very high entertainment level! And is probably one of the best movies so far this year.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

All that being said, I dont think we need to see another Snow White movie for a long time!

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