Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hunger Games Tickets Coming Soon!!

UPDATE: The Hungers Games broke first day ticket sale records!! Breaking Twilight Saga: Eclipses record! Its already sold out at hundreds of movie theaters around the globe for the midnight showing. I'm glad I got my tickets in time. If you still want them I would think fast.--------------------------------------------------------------------

ATTENTION ALL HUNGER GAMES FANS!!! Tickets for The Hunger Games midnight showing will be going on sale Wednesday, February 22nd.
  So if you want Midnight tickets, like I do, buy them right away cause they might sell out kind of fast.

 I personally cant wait to see The Hunger Games, it's one of my most anticapated movies of the year! I've read the books and they were amazing, I hope the movie is as good or better then the books. If you have'nt read them you should before the movie comes out on March 23rd 2012. So just remember to get tickets on February 22nd!

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