Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Movie Ads

The Avengers- Definetly the best of the movie ads, truly cant wait for this movie

Battleship- Still not sure about this one, it looks exactly like Transformers

The Lorax- Super excited to see this one, I loved the TV spot for it

John Carter- Also not sure about this one, I dont think its gonna make up for its massive budget.

GI: Joe Retalliation- Looks to be a lot better then the first but im not getting my hopes up at all

The Dictator- Looks actually pretty funny but I probably wont see it in theaters.

Act of Valor- The movie looks cool and all but ive been seeing way to many trailers for it!

I really wish we would have seen a Dark Knight TV spot and a Hunger Games TV Spot but overall the movie ads were pretty good!

Final Score of the game: Giants- 21 Patriots- 17

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