Saturday, March 3, 2012

DVD/Blu-Ray Recommendations!

There are a lot of good movies out right now on dvd and also some that are coming soon here are a few..


1. Tower Heist- One of the best comedys of the year.
2. Hugo- A little slow but a pretty interesting movie.
3. In Time- Loved the concept of the movie, also I've never seen anything like it.

Some I don't Reccamend.
1. Puss in Boots- Didnt like the spin off idea at all. The movie just fell flat.
2. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Worst Twilight of them all.

Coming Soon in March!
6th- Footloose- Actually really liked it.
13th- The Descendants, The Adventures of Tintin- Both Great movies.
20th- The Muppets- Definetly a dissapointing movie, I expected more.
27th- Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close- Actually haven't seen it but I will come the 27th.

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