Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

The Hunger Games is finally here people!!! The movie opens Friday but it's already breaking box office records!

- 15th largest # of theaters (over 4,000) for an opening.
- Largest pre-sale for a non-sequel in movie history.

It's sold out over 2000 showings, which is pretty crazy! Theaters are even adding 3am showings! And it is on track to make $140 million opening weekend, I think it will make about $138 million, just to go a little below! If it makes that it will double the first Twilight's opening weekend.

I'm seeing the movie tonight at midnight and I'm so excited!! My review of The Hunger Games will be up later on Friday and I really do think the movie will live up to it's expectations and I have pretty high expectations because I've read all the books!

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