Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games Sets Even More Records!

The Hunger Games huge 155 million opening weekend is the third highest opening of all time, behind The Dark Knight and Harry Potter Part 2. The movie shattered expectations and predictions. Here are some more of the records it broke over just one weekend.
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- Highest opening weekend for a non-WB film
- Highest opening weekend for a Lionsgate film
- Highest opening weekend for a non-sequel
- Top Spring opening
- Biggest March opening (beating "Alice in Wonderland")
- Already the highest grossing Lionsgate movie of all-time (beating "Farenheit 9/11")
- Second biggest Saturday of all-time (barely behind "Spider-Man 3")

I am now thinking that the Hunger Games will beat Wrath of the Titans next weekend. Even though Clash of the Titans opened with over 60 million. I think the Hunger Games should make between 65- 70 million next weekend, with Wrath of the Titans at around 50-60 million.

I can't believe that The Hunger Games opened this big and it's only the beginning of the year, there are still lots of blockbusters left in the year. Who know's how much money the Dark Knight Rises will make opening weekend?!?!? But clearly the odds were in the The Hunger Game's favor! (Get it?!?)

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