Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Christmas Box Office= Failure

The Christmas Box Office is always usually very strong but this Christmas the numbers were way down. 4 brand new movies opened in wide release Christmas weekend all with very dissapointing grosses.

First Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocal, which opened in first, grossed about 26 million, I was personally expecting it too almost double that.

The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo opened with 13 million, many people thought it would at least open in the 20 million range but I think since its rated R and it looks to be kind of depressing, I think that stopped people espicially since its Christmas time.

The Adventures of Tintin was a massive hit overseas but in Amercica it grossed only 9 million a huge let down.

Then lastly We Bought a Zoo came out, it grossed about 7 million. I expected a lot more from this one because its one of those movies all families can go too. It also had Matt Damon in it so to me its quite suprising it didnt make more.

Hopefully next years Christmas Box Office will be a little bit better money wise.

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